Associate Director Of Gift Planning Services

Wheaton College

The Associate Director reports to the Director of Gift Planning Services (Director) and is responsible for the general marketing of planned gifts and the support of Development staff in promoting and setting up deferred gifts to the College as follows:

  1. Assist the Director and the Regional Directors of Development in the process of presenting, explaining, and closing deferred gifts with specific deferred gift prospects.
  2. Assist the Director in supervising the Associate Director of Planned Gift Marketing.
  3. Assist in planning and administering the program of providing estate planning analysis to the College’s high net worth donors, and monitoring the results of such estate planning analysis in the implementation of testamentary and intervivos deferred gifts.
  4. Assist Director in planning and administering the program of providing general estate and gift planning seminars for constituents of Wheaton College, and monitoring the results of such seminars in the implementation of testamentary and intervivos deferred gifts.
  5. Maintain a travel schedule necessary to accomplish points 1-3 above. Cell phone is required.
  6. Attend and participate in all departmental planned gift marketing meetings. Stay abreast of planned gift marketing trends and ideas, and provide input to the Director and the Associate Director of Planned Gift Marketing as required.
  7. Assist the Director in maintaining, reviewing and preparing legal documents relating to gift planning, including model trust agreements, gift annuity contracts, and life income agreements.
  8. Assist the Director in the ongoing professional training and education of Development personnel involved in soliciting or accepting planned gifts from individual donors.
  9. In conjunction with the Director, serve as a technical resource to the Development staff on the legal and tax aspects of planned gifts and the transfer of property to the College.
  10. Assist Director in advising the College Advancement Division and Investment Department on legal issues affecting gifts to the College or to related foundations, and the administration of such gifts.
  11. Assist Director in advising and assisting staff in Development department and Investment department on legal and marketing matters relating to Wheaton College Trust Company.
  12. Study and stay current on laws relating to estate and gift planning.
  13. Serve as a member of the Wheaton College Development staff in more general ways as agreed upon with the Director.
  14. This position requires a cell phone.
  15. Perform other duties as assigned.


This is potentially an entry level position for a motivated attorney who wishes to develop and learn estate planning/taxation and gift planning law as well as be introduced to fundraising – development work.

We are looking for someone with the required qualifications who has a willingness and desire to grow in knowledge and preferred qualifications listed below.

Required/Preferred Qualifications


JD degree

Good writing, analytical and communication skills


Previous exposure to estate planning and taxation law

Experience with computer applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint)